galaxy s4 vs iphone 5

We have two swords in one scabbard and the fact is both are sharp. Samsung Galaxy S4 and the latest launched iPhone 5S are one of the hottest gadget at the present scenario. Every gadget aficionado from all over the blue planet has keenly waited for these Smartphone and the wait was unquestionably quite worthy. But which one is better? On which device you should invest your hard earned money? Stop being confused! The result will be revealed today. After sharp observation, the critics have pointed out 5 tasks which Galaxy S4 can do but iPhone 5S can’t.

Smart Stay

Smart Stay is one of the latest buzz around the technology world. We all hate when the screen light time out and shut off while we are reading something on the screen. The solution of this irritating hassle has come under the hat of Samsung. The latest Galaxy S4 has Smart Stay application that keeps the display lit when you are reading on it.
It monitors your eye moment via front facing camera and then restrict the light out according to your working behavior. For the iPhone 5S users; the light out issue is an Achilles’ heel.

Group Play

Group Play is unquestionably an arrow in the quiver by Samsung. This latest innovative app allows different S4 users to play games, share pictures, stream a common video or song and do much more on a single platform. For iPhone 5S users; it’s a lick and a promise by the company. The iPhone 5S users can share picture and contacts but using a same app is still a bridge too far.

IR Blaster

IR or Infrared Red Blaster is the latest technology that facilitates the user to employ the Smartphone as a universal remote control for TV. Samsung Galaxy S4 is embedded with this innovative technology and more over, a special app is also introduced in the device that fetches the data from your cable operator and recommends you a compilation of popular shows.


Near Field Communication abbreviated as NFC is one of the trendiest technology in the arena of Smartphone world. Putting a spotlight on this amazing innovation; NFC enables the user to connect with other mobile devices, share data by simply tapping together, making mobile payments, pairing the device with stereo by merely a tap and much more. Samsung Galaxy S4 is introduced with NFC technology whereas the iPhone 5S users will surely miss this astounding facet.

Brilliant Camera App

This is something much important for the party lovers. The brilliant camera app introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S4 has got a bucket full of mesmerizing tricks. With this app, you can erase a blurry background figure or can even create a personalized GIF image. On the other side, iPhone 5S camera is still running with the basic traits.

On The Conclusive Note

There is of course nothing wrong with iPhone 5S, neither we are expecting too much from it But we have undoubtedly something more gracious- Samsung Galaxy S4. Icing the cake; there is plethora of exciting Samsung Galaxy S4 contract deals available on leading network providers that facilitates you to grab the device at nominal value along with exciting free gifts.